Richey's Catering {Vendor Spotlight}

Photo Credit: Aislinn Kate Photography

Photo Credit: Aislinn Kate Photography

This week on our {Vendor Spotlight} we are taking a hot minute to talk all about the bar—Richey’s East that is! I will try to keep this quick so you can get back out to the Blue Angels show ;) Richey’s is always busy busy and they stay that way for good reason of course- they are the go-to for an exceptional wedding bar. They really know how to accomodate all the guests, and keep the atmosphere lively. Read on to learn a little more about this fabulous vendor…

Photo Credit: Indie Pearl Photography

Photo Credit: Indie Pearl Photography

Sweet P weddings: Tell us a little about yourself.

{Richey's Catering}: We offer affordable bartending services for Greater Pensacola and surrounding areas. Richey's Catering's main focus is to ensure our clients and their family and friends have the best experience possible.

SP: How long have you been in the wedding industry?

{Richey's Catering}: Richey's Catering has been in the wedding industry since the mid 80s.

Sweet P weddings: Tell us about your business. 

{Richey's Catering}: Richey's Catering offers open bars and cash bars. We cater to individual needs so clients can specialize their bar menus to suit their specifications as well as their budget. Our knowledgeable catering staff can create signature drinks that match our clients taste as well as the color of their wedding theme.

SP:  Tell us about the funniest moment that you have ever witnessed at a wedding. 

{Richey's Catering}: It is very hard to narrow this down. For example it is not really funny when the photographer falls into the canal or when the cake table tips over. These are classic disasters! It is all in how we recover. Thankfully in any of those situations our clients have had a great attitude and we ensure to maintain the good times regardless of the mishaps.

SP:  What do you love most about weddings? 

{Richey's Catering}: Again, hard to narrow down. For Richey's, we love to bring the fun! It is our greatest pleasure to serve people. We get to witness the coming together of people. Richey's helps facilitate the happiest day by making the day as seamless as possible. 

SP: What is the most unique attribute of your business? 

{Richey's Catering}: I think the most unique thing for Richey's Catering versus others is we do not offer "packages". We customize each menu to the clients wants. Our goal is to give them exactly what they want and minimize the cost at the time.

SP: What is your busiest month? 

{Richey's Catering}: Between March & May and between September & November. We also have quite a busy Christmas party season as well. 

SP: What is one thing you wish your brides knew about you? 

{Richey's Catering}: We care. We genuinely and honestly care about going above and beyond to make it the best experience possible for each of our clients.

You can get a hold of Richey’s for your next event at:

(850) 434-0807

Thank you Richey’s!!! As always, if you need any help getting in contact with them or any other vendor, please feel free to reach out to me!

Photo Credit: Aislinn Kate Photography

Photo Credit: Aislinn Kate Photography